• Perfoming (a) bird - Duo Parula

    Duo Parula (Gjertrud Pedersen, cl & Astrid Kvalbein, sop) will perform my piece "the Lesser Nighthawk" march 16th at the Academy of Music (Musikkhøgskolen), also severall other bird-related pieces will be performed.

  • Rehearsing for Molde Jazz Festival

    I´ve just finnished composing two new arrangements for the Ensemble neoN & Susanna collaboration!

    We´re off to Molde for a concert wednesday. So if your there, please come by. We´re playing the whole "The Forester" album - of course - but also the new ones, and an old one. The new songs are called "Decomposing" and "Death hanging". Only the latter´s been recorded before, with Susanna Wallumrød, Siri Nilsen and Susanne Sundfør (! what a line-up !).

    Again, hope to see you there! Here´s Susanna with me and Julian Skar from an interview in the newspaper Klassekampen:

    photo: Anniken C. Mohr

  • "less-sense" at Oslo Kammermusikkfestival

    I just learned my newly revised piece "less-sense" is to be performed by the brilliant Oslo Sinfonietta during the Oslo Kammermusikkfestival (Oslo Chamber Music Festival). 

    The piece was chosen as one of 4 pieces by young nordic composers for this specific concert 18th august. I´m proud and happy to get to work with OS - and happy to have even one more chance to make some final adjustments.

    The piece "less-sense" is beginning to have quite a history of its own. Being commissioned in 2007, "less-sense" has been performed at several festivals in Norway, at the New Nordic Music Days in Stockholm, and at the festival in Weimar earlier this year.

    Really looking forward to this!

    Time & place: Kulturkirken Jacob, 18th August - 18.00. 

  • All play in Hamburg

    I just found out I had a video recording from the performance of my piece "All play" at the klub katarakt festival in January this year. [A quartet line-up from Ensemble neoN were invited to play several concerts there, one of them being a premiere of a new Phil Niblock piece!]

    My ideas often rise from reflection on terms like "true", or "manipulate", and also from relationships between physical and psychological experiences. The performances of Daniel Meyer Grønvold captures somethings from this kind of thoughts.

    Here from the program text:

    Multi-artist and guitar player Daniel Meyer Grønvold ́s performances are for me ideal pictures of musical/physical presence. His performances are often short - lasting for 7-15 minutes - but intense, being very soft or extremely loud. What he plays is often secondary to how it is performed. The musicians of Ensemble neoN are classical trained, note-based musicians. Grønvold ́s improvisation is transcribed and partly re-played by the musicians, resulting in a tension between the re-presented presence and the present performance.

    «All play» is a scenario where the pre-recorded video of Grønvold act as the soloist, the quartet as the orchestra, together performing a concerto, close to the classical meaning of the term. 

  • Ensemble neoN sextet in Weimar

    Ensemble neoN sextet in Weimar

    With wonderful Silje Aker Johnsen fronting the Ensemble neoN sextet, a huge program was performed the 25th this month at the Weimar Spring Festival for contemporary music.

    The program consisted of new pieces by Peter Helmut Lang, Erik Dæhlin, Helmut Zapf, Therese Birkelund Ulvo, Alexander Strauch, Essaias Järnegard, and me. A revised, and arranged version of my piece "less-sense" was performed. My most sincere thanks to Silje, for guiding the audience through this demanding program - and for wanting this new version of "less-sense".

    Program text for my piece:

    The philosopher Augustin was busy correcting his own behavior, thoughts and actions; What he truly desires, his god won ́t allow.This constant self-denial, or self-correction, is the basis of the piece. It is an essay, a correction, a taking-distance from the senses; Lessons, or less-sense in my own word.

    The dialectics between music and text fragments I ́ve used, is pinpointed in the last sentence: «How good you were to me [God], for you mixed so much bitterness in that cup of pleasure»

    This versions for six musicians, is an almost re-composed piece, a continuation. 

    I´ll (hopefully) upload some snippets from the performance here, please check in once in a while. In the mean time, here´s last page of the score:

  • Long time - definitely still here

    It's been several months since last update. There's been a lot of things happening.

    • Finnished the choir piece, called "opp.hav", for Vokal Nord. The premier performance will be in Tromsø at the end of 2014.

    • Had the premiere performance of "All play" at the klub katarakt festival in Hamburg in January. The piece was a rewriting of the multimedia piece "Oh, Danny boy" - based on a recording by the brilliant Daniel Meyer Grønvold.

    • Composed a small piece for Duo friStad, for their children concerts. "Bird on bike" will be on their regular program from later on this year.

    • The colabboration album with Susanna and Ensemble neoN, "The Forester", was awarded a Norwegian Grammy (Spelemannpris) in January. I'm the happy arranger for half of the music.

    • I'm currently working as a producer for the ensemble Asamisimasa, recording the music of Øyvind Torvund, in the legendary Rainbow studio.

    • Just finnished a revised and rearranged version of "less-sense", for six musicians. Will be performed at the Spring festival for contemporary music in Weimar, April 25th.

    I'll be working on my piece for trumpet soloist, percussion soloist and ensemble before summer, continuing with a large sinfonietta piece for Ensemble Ernst.
    I've promised my self to refresh this site, adding sound, video, scores and more info - please feel free to drop in once in a while.
  • Album out: BOA

    The extraordinary trio BOA (Tora Augestad, Morten Barrikmo, Tanja Orning) is finally out with their debut album. The songs are composed by a nice mix of musician, ranging from contemporary composers to soul singers. I´m very proud of being the producer of this one-of-a-kind project.

    Please check it out.

  • Album out: Susanna & Ensemble neoN

    At last, it´s out! "The Forester" is now available on iTunes. Julian Skar and I have made all the arrangements for Ensemble noeN for this record. This project turned out quite unique, hope you´ll like it.

  • Great reviews of Susanna

    "The Forester" album has just been released, and good reviews keep coming. I´m the proud arranger of half of the songs.

    Listen to a song? Check out:

    Lonely heart

  • Frevo release new album - UPDATED POST

    The guitar duo Frevo (Andreas Karlsen and Pål Granum) has just released a new album of newly composed music by Norwegian composers. It's called "Lød", and features my piece "snip-pets" both as a recording and video(!). 

    I'm very proud of this piece, and happy the talented Frevo wanted it recorded. Feel free to check out the video:


    Here you can buy the album.