Hi, this is the site of composer/arranger/producer Jan Martin Smørdal.

I'm also co-director of Ensemble neoN.


Photo by Andreas Ulvo

Photo by Andreas Ulvo

Performances 2016-2017

"All Play" will be performed at the MATA festival in New York, April 12th, by Ensemble neoN

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"My Favorite Thing 2" will be performed by Ensemble neoN at the Only Connect (Tectonic collaboration) May 21st, in Oslo

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"untitled #2" - awarded Runner Up in the Unbound composition contest, for flute swarm to be performed in Brisbane, Australia.
Will be performed during the Unbound festival July 1st-3rd

"(herd)Study" will be performed by Ensemble Ernst at the Ultima festival in Oslo, September

New commision by Karin Hellqvist, to be performed at the Ultima festival in Oslo, September

"Flock of me" to be performed during the Nordic Music Days, at Harpa in Reykjavik, Iceland, September 29th - October 1st

Ensemble neoN album release concert at Sentralen october 7th 2016

The miniature pieces "SHO(r)TS" 1, 2 & 3 will be performed in the fall 2016 TBA

4 new pieces for choir will be performed in Tønsberg, June 2017 TBA

"My favorite Thing 1" will be performed by Pinquins June 10th 2017

"My favorite Thing 3" will be performed by the Norwegian Radio Orchestra (Kork), mid-October 2017