Norwegian composer, producer, musician, and member of Ensemble neoN.

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Recent & current events - an undistributed newsletter

2019 & 2020 is full of interesting activity. Some highlights will be published in calendar.

I have just finished a commission for the Ensemble Allegria (chamber orchestra), called “still”. They will premiere it November 30th in Oslo, in a program also consisting of Bach and Janacek. These days I am working on a commissioned piece for the Cikada Trio (piano, violin, cello), a piece which will be premiered in February - and will be included on the trio’s repertoar that spring. I am also looking forward to start composing for another piece next year, for 2 pianos and 2 percussionist, commissioned by Ny Musikk Østfold (S.C.M.).

In May Ensemble Ernst release a new record (Lawo), containing my "(herd)STUDY" among other pieces. And now in October, on the same label, Karin Hellqvist released her first solo record, containing my "flock foam fume" - immensely proud of this. I'm just these days finalising a record with Ensemble neoN and Eivind Lønning, to be released on Sofa (*my first release on that label) - with my music called "Choosing to sing". It will be released January 2020 - really lokking forward to show this to the world!

And -when time allows me to - another record will be released next year: the full trilogy "My Favorite Thing". I've been working with this music for quite some time now, and I'm really looking forward to show this in its entirety to the world. The music is for percussion trio Pinquins, chamber ensemble neoN, and the Norwegian Radio Orchestra.

Before January I'll be working with the fantastic violinist Harpreet Bansal. She will be composing new music (following the North-Indian Hindustani tradition), and I'll arrange/co-compose this for her and the Norwegian Radio Orchestra.

Earlier stuff:

As part of me being portrayed in Trondheim this spring 2019 (Ny Musikk/the organisation Society of Contemporary Music), Trondheim Sinfonietta will do a concert (almost...) exclusively with my music April 27th. Really looking forward to that.

In May I attended the ISCM festival in Tallinn; the Finnish Defunensemble once again performed my "All Play". Proud to represent Norway there!

I will be working mainly on two commissioned pieces this year, one for the Ensemble Allegria (chamber orchestra), and a piece for the Cikada Trio (piano, violin, cello). But I will also work some this year and (but for the most part) next year on a piece for 2 pianos and 2 percussionist, commissioned by Ny Musikk Østfold (S.C.M.) to be premiered 2020 (TBA).

This year I'll also be joining in on several other projects. First off I will produce the first record of Tøyen Fil og Klafferi (Hanne Rekdal - flutes and bassoon, Kristine Tjøgersen - clarinets, Eira Foss - violin, Tove Margrethe Falkenberg Erikstad - cello), to be released by Aurora (Grappa).

And in May and June - and in September during Ultima - an art project by Øystein Wyller Odden, and co-composed by me, was performed. The project is curated by OsloBiennalen. His project consist of a string section backing a concert piano that resonance directly our electrical currents 50Hz. During the Ultima festival, I also performed in the sound installation/performance “Resonance” by Gunhild Mathea Olaussen.

In the middle of March Ensemble neoN went on tour to NY, performing a lot of Nordic + American music. My piece "The Lesser Nighthawk", was one of the pieces. neoN also had their release of a new record, at Phil Niblock’s loft (Experimental Intermedia). I'm also one of the performers on this record, containing a piece by Niblock and one by Catherine Lamb (released by Hubro).